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Spring Competition


Flip Camera

Congratulations to the winners of the Improve a School Locker Competition!

Our judges and some of our winners shown above. Winners have now been awarded for the Improve a School Locker Competition!  We  had a wonderful ceremony at the Artifact Gallery in Wilton CT,  Thursday June 17th, where the honored winners received thier prizes.  

Edouard Buisson - Macbook 
Grace Jorgensen - iPad
Rebecca Bernstein - Flip Camera
Madeline Prister + Taylor Kennedy - Flip Camera 
Cameron Fairy - Flip Camera
Andrew Gomar - Flip Camera

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Please enjoy our website and the inspiring student projects.  Our supporters really believe in this mission.
We hope that you will too.

Above Edouard Buisson being informed he is the grand prize winner of a Mac computer by MyDesignFoundation's,  Gregory Clark.
  Below, Grace Jorgensen, second place runner up video, and third place winning videos.


Welcome to MyDesignFoundation

"All great things start with an image or an idea in someone's mind. We all have the capacity to invent and solve problems. Like anything, it takes practice and a passion to want to do it successfully. Join us and explore the world of using your mind to imagine and create wonderful things.  Enter one of our competitions and be part of our Design Team!" Be a patron and help support our initiative! 

The foundation is being registered as a 501 (c) 3 not for profit foundation through the generous support of the firm DicksteinShapiro, LLP.

Learn about our Distinquished Panel of Judges for the Improve a School Locker Competition 

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 to develop and build a working never before created
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Gregory Clark's children have asked him for years to build another Hovercraft .  Finally the time has come.  Instead of a Hovercraft it will be an originally conceived HoverCycle.  As part of the foundation's mission of inspiring and growing innovation the project and process will be shared with all kids, young and old, on this webiste and through our blog.  We welcome your support and involvement

Thank You! 
MyDesignFoundation selects  Peggy Jorgensen hero of the month.  She is a   Weston Middle School teacher that  mentored 20 students to success in the Spring Locker Competition. Thank you for your support and expertise.  MyDesignFoundation thinks you are awesome!  Shown below with MDF founder Gregory Clark. 

Every student that enters wins a MyDesignTeam Shirt and Certificate of Achievement

My Design Team Girl's T-Shirt

My Design Team Boy's T-Shirt

Certificate of Acheivement  shown with comments from each judge

TV Interview with


Gregory Clark featured above in a
National Geographic special on Inventors.

Design Thinkers?

Design Thinkers contribute to today's society in many ways.  They are inventors, architects, car designers, fine artists , software developers, video game developers, film makers, and founders of companies that make great products, such as Apple.  Design-Thinkers have the ability to visualize something that doesn't already exist, and  through determination and hard work bring it to life.